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Alhamdulillah, Started from the bottom now we here !!
When i was little, due to some reasons we were admitted to Cosmopolitan Grammar school.. not any of those fancy schools as you may call it, and some of you might haven’t even heard of the name but yes i belong to it.. i dont have an O’ levels background and to be frank i dont believe in the segmentation that it gathers..
I completed my matric and went on to complete my intermediate from a govt college, it was just like any other teenager living in Karachi would go through but Why am i mentioning my school here ?
Because i believe my basic knowledge was the one that has got me here, it was those instincts those ettiqutes those teachings which were planted at the root level that have helped me get to this point !!)

As you might know my dad was a mechanical engineer and he took me along with him to many of the seminars and exhibitions that he attended and yes I got so fascinated that I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer like my father, from the age of 10 i had been dreaming about getting a place in NED.. So yes, I got into NED university but in a different engineering dept. So i pursued for a university which could help me with that, but on the back of my head i felt that my goals were starting to crumble!!

I got into Hamdard University not by FATE but by CHOICE.. i chose this university and it turned out to be the most challenging experience. Why ? Because we were the first batch of ME to graduate from here!! I told my father about it and he contended me by saying that he was from the first batch of NED University back in the 60s!! And I regained my strength to pursue what i loved !! Hence again Allah being the best of planners It turned out to be a wonderful wonderful experience filled with learning, personal growth.. it taught me how to be able to reason, have creativity and how to be a visionary.. But during my second last semester my father got sick and i decided to drop out for his care but my teachers, my chairman especially, was the one who kept me going.. I lost my father after the finals but these teachers to whom I’m

Vision & Values

COSMOPOLITAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL is imparting quality education to the students of Karachi
since 1988. An increase in the number of student strength is a proof of selfless devotion and
professional approach of teachers and Parent’s confidence in this institution.

Teaching methodology

We engage our students through a variety of teaching methods. We stimulate curiosity, invite
participation, challenge assumptions and address current world issues. Our teaching staff:
 Responds and adapts to individual learning styles.
Keeps students involved through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic techniques.
 Helps students overcome limitations and obstacles.
 Generates energy and enthusiasm.

Madam Noorus Saba


Madam Afshan Riaz

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Miss Sanober Faisal



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Your Future Starts Here.

“Strive for progress, not perfection.“

I feel education shows us the importance of hard work and at the same time, help us grow and develop. This, we are able to sharp a better society to live in by knowing and respecting rights, laws and regulation.

I always struggle for the betterment of Cosmopolitan Grammar School.“Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possibl