REsolve to learn!

OUR Vision

since 1988. An increase in the number of student strength is a proof of selfless devotion and
professional approach of teachers and Parent’s confidence in this institution.
We strive selflessly for our students to be confident and self-assured, balanced in their sense of
personal priorities, responsible for their behaviour and decisions, and able to act for the
benefit of the wider community.
At COSMOPOLITAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, we nurture the academic, social, physical, and
emotional development of every student in a trusting and safe environment. We are happy to
include your family as part of our school 
COSMOPOLITAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL is imparting quality education to the students of Karachi

 community and hope to make your transition as easy
as possible. We look forward to partnering with you to make your child’s school year an
exciting learning experience..

Principal’s Message

I have the privilege to welcome you all to great temple of learning:

This is the prestigious institution in Karachi that provides unique opportunities for the development of the young minds in a secular and conductive atmosphere.

This type of atmosphere is the reflection of great vision of the Cosmopolitan Grammar School.

The school maintains a tradition of inculcating human value in the minds of the pupils. We take pains for the physical mental and intellectual faculty of the teachers and not to staff their brains with second hand thought and Ideas.

Education in this school is an enjoyable process and not an imposed, dreary and dull syllabus cramming only. We present a unique atmosphere for the pupil and teachers.   

I wish and pray that everyday be a special day for every child who enters the portals of Cosmopolitan Grammar School, with a heart and mind set to grow more then yesterday..

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“The most important thing is to enjoy your life –  to be happy. It’s all that matters.”


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Our Courses

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Computer Science

“The computer was born to solve problem that did not exist before.”


“Chemistry is good when you make love with it.”


“Biology gives you a brain. life turns into a mind.”


“Physics tells us observations cant be predicted absolutely.”

Teaching Methodology

“We engage our students through a variety of teaching methods. We stimulate curiosity, invite participation, challenge assumptions and address current world issues. Our teaching staff:”

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